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Planes, Taxis and The Forbidden City

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Well our trip started off, a comfortable Emirates plane took us to Dubai, Jen did really well despite being pretty damn scared which probably wasnt helped by my discovery of the Cameras located on the nose and the belly of the plane, hehe. Great fun to see the plane land from the pilots view, make sure he's on target :P. Our connection from Dubai was a fantastic surprise, we found out when boarding that we had been upgraded to Business class by Emirates and got treated like royalty by the crew, it felt like at any point someone was going to come up to us to inform us that we were in the wrong seats and would be quietly escorted back to the peasant seats, you know? The ones without the widescreen tvs and massaging chairs that reclined into beds. :D Great days.

First impressions of Beijing? In a word, huge. Scale tends not to register and you dont realise just how big it all really is. The airport for example, you have to take a train just to get from thew terminal to the exit, and were talking a good 3-4 minutes journey.

Now then, the roads... Taxi's, the first real sign that let me know I was somewhere else, no markings on the road from the airport and people freely cutting in front of each other, terrifying. The taxi man didnt seem to care though, I wont be looking forward to road travel over here if its like this. Still not as bad as Paris though :P

After being awake for 24 hours and being possibly jet lagged (i guess thats what its like anyway) we just crashed as soon as we got to the hostel, nothing fancy but comfortable enough and the common area is very nice, queue 16 hours of sleep.

We woke up to a thick layer of snow! I thought Id left the snow behind in the UK, but no, it followed me here. We set off early to explore the Forbidden City. Now its hard to describe in words how big this, its like a Russian doll complex of temples and palaces, you walk through one gorgeous building to find a another and then another and then out of the blue you find a quiet little garden. Immense is about the only adjective I can use. We spent about 6 hours just wandering the complex and barely scratched the surface, more time is needed there. It is definately one of, if not the most incredible place Ive seen. I hope I get to say that alot on this journey.

I'll upload some pretty snowy pics tomorrow maybe or when I can.

See you later.

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